BUG KILLA by Richgro 250g Active = 70g/kg IMIDACLOPRID

BUG KILLA by Richgro 250g Active = 70g/kg IMIDACLOPRID

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Bug Killa Granular Garden Insecticide (Extended Protection)

Richgro Bug Killa now provides a minimum of 2 months extended protection against a wide range of sucking insects on all your ornamental plants, including Roses, Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias and lilly pilly in the garden or in pots. Richgro Bug Killa is a systemic insecticide that is taken up by the plants roots to control pests. It also contains Iron and Zeolite which are beneficial to plant health, helping your ornamental plants grow taller and stronger, and making fertilisers more efficient.

Safer to use and more convenient than aphid and mealy bug sprays, Bug Killa is gentle on your plants. Choosing granules rather than a spray means there is no risk of scorching plant leaves on hot days, allowing you to give your plants complete protection against sucking insects even in the heat of summer. Watering after application increases penetration and allows faster take-up by the plant’s root system.

A 250g bottle treats up to 500 plants, making it an affordable and efficient solution for the home gardener. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for use in both garden beds and flower pots, so however you grow your roses and ornamental flowers, our range is there for you. Find a Richgro stockist near you and find out why some of the most beautiful flowers are protected by Bug Killa.


  • Extended 2 months bug-free
  • Treats up to 500 plants
  • Added plant boosters
  • Granular – easy to use with no mixing and no spraying
  • For pots and gardens


Active = 70g/kg IMIDACLOPRID