ISO PROPYL ALCOHOL 99.7% Pure Isoprpyl Alcohol 1 Litre

ISO PROPYL ALCOHOL 99.7% Pure Isoprpyl Alcohol 1 Litre

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H2000 ISO-PROPYL Cleaner 99.7% PURE

To make an effective hand sanitiser, the final product needs to have

at least 80% ethanol @ 96% strength pharmaceutical grade or

75% Isopropanol Alcohol @ 99.7% strength pharmaceutical grade in the formula.


This product is pharmaceutical grade Isopropanol Alcohol 99.7%

and is effective against viruses and COVID-19.

 Latest information on which sanitisers work against COVID-19

and how to make your own effective World Health Organisation approved sanitiser

Many of the products labelled sanitisers sold in supermarkets

& online are water-based or very low alcohol content or alcohol free

and are ineffective against viruses and COVID-19.

Safe on most plastics.

Removes dust, finger marks, ink marks, hand oils

and other soils from work areas.

Can be used on:- Computer keyboards, office equipment, glass,

monitors, cash registers, bar code scanners,

fax machines and photocopiers.